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Harnessing our 30 years of experience in foodservice and kitchen, we are more than proud to present our exclusive JASCO collection with the highest quality products curated from around the world. If it isn’t good enough, we simply won’t put our name on it.

What began as an experience now becomes a lifelong profession.Today, our main clients include independent and luxurious hotels, restaurants, national F&B chains, healthcare, industrial food manufacturing, and food service management. And we want to extend that range to everyday households; bringing that high performance durability and ease into your kitchen-quick and simple!

In creating our own collections, every one of our JASCO items are crafted with flawless performance, durability and design in mind.


When it comes to quality, TOYO-SASAKI GLASS is the number one glassware manufacturer in Japan that comes to mind. We are proud of the variety of both machine-made and hand-crafted products locally made.

With long-standing traditions and sophisticated technologies, they are the dedicated team of glassware designers and engineers to continuously develop practical and universal designs perfectly fit for every dining and drinking scene.


PIAZZA is renowned for one of the world’s trusted and highest quality cookware brands in Italy. The brand was founded in Cusio-Lake Maggiore in 1880 by the brothers Giuseppe and Baldassarre Piazza. Today, more than 130 years after the company was founded, the company remains firmly committed to the view that being entrepreneurs also, and above all, means working hard to build a better future.

Our PIAZZA cookware and molecular gastronomic collections are professionally designed, carefully tested for the durable commercial restaurant settings as well as homecook kitchens like yours.


Sunnex Products Limited is a Hong Kong based company specializing in manufacturing of catering since 1972. In order to provide customers with better and more convenient services, each product has a professional R&D team supported by competent engineers dedicated to thoughtfully craft out the collection best suitable for its commercial catering settings.

With the long standing traditions and dedication to quality and design, this is why we are confident to present the SUNNEX brand under our buffetware collection with a wide range of chafing dishes, teaware and juice dispensers.



The brand, present in over 120 countries, combines an innovative spirit with a tradition of quality to continue winning and leading markets. Tramontina accompanies people in several moments of their lives with products ranging from kitchen utensils and equipment, appliances, agricultural and gardening tools, wooden and plastic furniture, utility vehicles, civil construction, electric hardware, to industrial and automotive maintenance. In all segments, innovation, design, technology, quality, and the satisfaction of doing things well are always present.

To do beautifully well to inspire people’s daily lives and stimulate meaningful experiences, generating value and satisfaction for clients, consumers, employees, stakeholders, and communities.

To lead the industry in customer satisfaction for delivering the best everyday solutions. To remain a brand that is a reference for quality, innovation, wholesome relationships, and human values.


We are here for your convenience, JASCO your trusted partner.

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